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We offer quality professional services to those that see opportunities in growing sectors. By providing a way to grow and expand ideas into fully functioning entities.

What we can offer


Through an extensive and expansive network of mining opportunities and activities, as well as emerging mining operations, we are able to offer our clients access to primary and secondary metals and minerals anywhere in the world.


We as Maxim Industries Africa are able to offer our clients access to buyers and/or sellers of commodites from not only within Africa but around the World, through partnerships & relationships that we have been able to build over time.

Renewable Energy

Where major countries around the world are looking to move away from normal means of energy production, like coal power, we are able to offer you cleaner energy alternatives like solar and wind power as well battery energy storage systems.


The SADC region remains one of the most stable and fertile economies to invest in development projects that are centered on design and infrastructure development. Developments ranging from Medical Tourism to Renewable Energy Projects.

About Us

Maxim Industries Africa is a multinational investment company based in South Africa which focuses on strategic business development opportunities, Public Private Partnership relationships and Greenfields initiatives in the South African Development Community. Our philosophy is to invest in Africa for the benefit of Africans by investing in projects and ventures that have direct impact on job creation, local beneficiation of raw materials and infrastructure development through local and international partnerships and joint ventures.

We also specialise in business facilitation and strategic business advisory and support for new ventures, developmental projects and localisation of manufacturing operations in line with the related country’s national developmental plan. Our primary focus is to elevate, streamline and catalyze business investments for key developmental sectors that offer a high return on investment.

With our plethora of business relationships and vast experiences in the built environment, renewable energy, mining, technology, trading and manufacturing, Maxim Industries Africa prides itself in the organising and execution of developmental opportunities with reasonable returns on investment.

As a strategic partner of choice for economic development and job creation opportunities within the SADC region, our footprint currently extends from South Africa to Zambia and Mauritius with the intention of expanding further within the SADC and ECOWAS regions.

Maxim Industries Africa is committed to:

Key Services

We offer a specialized array of services that are designed to meet the needs of the environment we operate in:

The core purpose of Maxim Industries Africa is to create and provide business growth opportunities in the fertile economic regions of Africa for interested and committed investors.


Africa is rich in mineral wealth but lacks in utilising this wealth for its own developments. The demand for copper, gold, tin and iron ore worldwide is continuously on the rise, given the global markets and demands in the manufacturing and technology sectors.

Maxim Industries Africa has built an extensive and expansive network of mining opportunities, as well as emerging mining operations for our clients to access primary and secondary metals and minerals from anywhere in the world. As a strong contender we have access to a number of mining sites in Zambia that mine copper ore for the production of copper concentrate and copper cathode.

This rise in demand means that copper mining is a very lucrative business to be in. We also mine iron ore and tin to support other mining companies and beneficiation activities.


Our footprint expands across three mining sites in Zambia where copper is mined through the open cast system. The ore is then processed to concentrate within our mines and then beneficiated and refined into copper cathode for sales into the global metals and minerals market. Our capacity spreads beyond our own capita, due to partnerships formed with other mines in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo who are able to add to our capacity to meet the growing market demand.


Our mines have multiple metals within the ore deposits, which include particles of Gold, which is mined through the open cast system concurrently with copper. Our processing plant has the capacity to extract the gold for further processing by our partners.


Our site in the Zambezi region of Zambia specialises in the mining and processing of Tin, which is mostly sold to coal mines and other users based mainly in South Africa.

Commodities Trading

With our focus area in the mining of minerals, we also sell some of the commodities through 6 to 12-month contracts, even though we are able to accommodate once-off transactions on some of them. The transactions are done through financial instruments that meet the Global Foreign Exchange Regulations.



We sell Copper Cathode from the SADC region.



We sell Gold Bullion from International Safe Custody to any Refinery in the world.



We sell Zinc sourced from our mines and partners.



We sell Tin from our mines and partners.



We are able to source various timber products to meet your needs.



We sell Jet Fuel and Crude Oil sourced from Europe and Africa.

Renewable Energy

In a world where power and energy are critical to the sustainability of the economy, we are in the business of providing solutions that mitigate power loss for any business all year round. Solar and Wind Power are some such avenues that provides an alternative to power and energy sustainability.

Solar Power

Solar power is a very good alternative to the normal means of power generation. The world is moving more towards greener energy and solar power is a popular choice for power generation. Due to its quick scalability, solar power lends itself to two multiple markets the popular being commercial and residential. We can offer solutions for those looking to invest in solar power.

Wind Power

A Wind farm is a fast-growing renewable energy opportunity both in terms of investment and as a resource for your business. Maxim industries Africa is able to facilitate the manufacturing and development of the wind farm. Further to this Maxim Industries Africa has access to experts to assist in ensuring sustainable power.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Storage of excess power for reusability and equal distribution or selling, can be offered through battery energy storage systems. These battery energy storage systems exist to contain and manage excess power output that may occur either in manufacturing and production stages of business, as well as within government parastatal support. The brilliance of battery energy storage systems is that they do not take up much space and provide any business or local government the opportunity to manage their power and to generate revenue from excess power.


Whether you have an idea for a development that you would like to do, or you already have the plans concept put together for a development but don’t know how to go about getting the funding, we will be able to assist you. We primarily focus on medical and tourism/hospitality developments, where there is a great need for these sort of developments around South Africa and Africa.

Medical Infrastructure Developments

Our expertise in the design and construction of multiple world class hospital facilities across South Africa allows us to expand our offering to the rest of Africa. Our team was the first to design and build world class Covid-19 isolation wards in South Africa within a period of 8 months. Our partnership in this industry is inter-continental through a network of medical specialists and project managers in the UAE and United Kingdom. To stretch our capability we are launching a medical tourism development in one of the favourite SADC tourist destination to further invest in the sustainability of Africa.

Hotels and Resorts

Our team has the capacity to handle all aspects of hotel and resort development based on our vast experience on multi-million dollar projects across Africa. Our role includes concept development, design, financing, management and sourcing of management companies and retailers. We pride ourselves in our ability to execute these projects by working closely with local communities and professionals to minimise any negative perceptions and sentiments as foreign investors. Africa is a beauty that the whole world should enjoy with minimal disruptions in its environment, and this is part of our approach to our developments.

Lifestyle and Residential Devlopments

Our services encompass an end to end development which, may be exclusively private or be a public/private partnership and incorporates the acquisition of land, management of environmental issues to the actual design, construction and sales of the property development. Our strength lies in our vast experience across multiple markets in Africa, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

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